Next generation of social entrepreneurs to learn from

Happy 2015! It’s a new year so what better way to start it than with a round up of next generation of social entrepreneurs leading the way when it comes to melding philanthropy and business. The (8)

Who gives a crap?

Catchy name, huh? Well it is fitting when you learn that it’s a toilet paper company that donates 50% of its profits to WaterAid to improve toilets and sanitation in the developing world.

Friends Simon, Jehan and Danny started the business in July 2012 after learning that more than 2.5 billion people (approximately 40% of the world’s population) don’t have access to a toilet. A crowd-funding effort – which saw Simon Griffith sit on a toilet for 50 hours – helped raise the $50,000 for pre-orders required to kick off production. The trio delivered their first product in March 2013 and haven’t looked back.  (Check out Simon’s TED talk to learn more).



Another venture social entrepreneur Simon Griffith is involved with – along with friend Zanna McComish – is Melbourne-based cafe, bar and bandroom Shebeen, a non-profit which donates 100% of its profits to various beneficiaries. For example, every South African wine sold at the bar generates profits for Room to Read, a literary foundation in South Africa.


One Night Stand Sleepwear

Inspired after reading Richard Branson’s Screw Business As Usual, Jamie Green decided to launch his cheekily named sleepwear range with the view that he could also help tackle homelessness by partnering with Open Family Australia.

Using ethically-sourced materials, made in sweatshop-free environments, with limited-edition ranges made through Social Studio (which provides training and work opportunities for new migrants), each time a purchase is made from a One Night Stand someone in need receives a meal through Open Family’s outreach program.


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