Nepal earthquake: How you can help

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Image: World Vision

Our thoughts and our hearts are with all of those affected by the devastating 7.9 earthquake that hit Nepal over the weekend, destroying the city's delicate infrastructure and killing what currently stand at just over 2200 people.

The aftershocks have been equally as devastating and we're all anxiously watching the climbers who were on the ascent to summit Mount Everest in hope they will be evacuated quickly and safely.

At times like these and in days like these we are fortunate enough to all be able I help in some way... whether it's being an ear for a friend or donating money online to those on the ground.

Below is some information for all those who either want to donate to those in Nepal, give information or keep up to date on the latest news.

Here are all the ways you can help:



UNICEF is on the ground, evaluating what needs to be done to urgently respond to children’s emergency needs for protection, water and sanitation, health and nutrition.

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World Vision

World Vision is working to address the immediate poverty issues confronting children and vulnerable communities in Nepal integrating its work efforts in advocacy, development and humanitarian emergency affairs.

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Red Cross 

Red Cross teams are on the ground now, searching for survivors in the rubble of collapsed buildings and performing first aid. The Red Cross blood bank is providing blood to medical facilities in Kathmandu and international response teams are on their way.

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Save the Children

Save the Children teams on the ground are coordinating an emergency response. The primary needs are health, shelter, child protection and ensuring that families have access to clean water and food.

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Teams in the country and international technical experts are ready to respond with clean water, sanitation and emergency food. Your help now will help us to save lives.

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Here are the rolling news sites:


1) New York Times

2) The Guardian

3) i24 News

4) Google news (a collection of news from various sources)

5) CNN (video updates)

Here's tech developed to help:


CNN iReport

A powerful earthquake struck less than 50 miles from the capital, causing hundreds of deaths. Are you there, or have family in the area? Please share your stories here if you're in a safe place to do so.

CNN is updating Google's People Finder in order to get the correct information to people who need it.

Google People Finder

Google Person Finder helps people reconnect with friends and loved ones in the aftermath of natural and humanitarian disasters.

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