National Tree Day – from sapling to 21 million trees


It’s so nice to see slow-growth initiatives finally develop into the vision they initially imagined. This could not be any more true than National Tree Day, which was started back in 1996 by Planet Ark.

National Tree Day is turning 20 this year and showing us the power of forward thinking. What initially started with the idea of planting saplings and thinking about future sustainability and environmental issues, has become Australia’s largest tree planting and nature care event.

National Tree Day Benojo

With more than three million people planting 21 million trees and plants over the past two decades, National Tree Day represents what we can do when we collaborate.

This year, Tree Day will take place on Sunday July 26, with its sister event for schools – which some 200,000 kids take part in – being held on Friday July 24.

Sowing the seed

If nature and the environment are causes that are close to your heart there are plenty of ways to get involved on an individual level – from planting a tree or creating a vertical garden in your own backyard or attending a registered event (many of which are organised by local councils, schools and environmental, sporting and community groups). Businesses can get involved in a variety of ways too.

The benefits of a green workplace

A research report released by Planet Ark in 2014 titled 'Valuing Trees – What is nature worth?' found almost two-thirds of indoor workers (63%) would prefer a job in a workplace where they can see natural elements like indoor pot plants or a view of trees or a garden.

It also discovered that having plants in the workplace helped staff recover from stress and tiredness more quickly; reduced the presence of VOCs (carbon-based chemicals that can affect air quality) and airborne bacteria; and increased productivity and creativity.

Celebrate Tree Day together

The benefits of a green workplace are plentiful so why not encourage your company to take part in National Tree Day? You can organise a workplace tree-planting event; offer staff free native plants; arrange a social Tree Day breakfast or afternoon tea for staff in a local park or garden; host a raffle or fundraising event for Planet Ark’s; or join a registered event with a local group such as a school or council.

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