Make sure your donations count for something

Fee reduction
Fee reduction

When you donate to a charity, you want to be sure that your money is going where it's intended to.

Equally, charities want to be assured they're receiving the intended amount for their donors

Our new contract with Stripe, the online payment gateway for not-for-profit transactions, ensures the needs of all parties are met. Stripe has reduced their fees so there is minimal 'giving waste' during the donation process.

What does this mean for...

...Charities? Charities receive a larger portion of the donation meaning there is minimal money lost in the transaction process.

...Donors? Donors can be assured their donation is reaching the intended charity. Lower fees also mean there is more of an incentive to give!

How does it work?

Our platform charities can access discounted fees by writing to and mentioning they are a not-for-profit. Fees will then be updated.

Are you a donor who is yet to meet your perfect charity partner? Contact us to find out how we can help.