Local goodwill– Benojo weekly roundup

Each week we aim to bring you the biggest stories across the CSR, philanthropy and charity space. Here’s all the latest in the world of social impact.

Eat Me Chutneys founders

Eat Me Chutneys is a social enterprise created by mother and son team Jaya and Ankit Chopra. The pair describe themselves as a ‘self-professed chutney queen’ and ‘an annoying Michelin-trained chef’ who make socially good jars of very tasty chutneys and pickles. Ankit took some time to share their story with us.

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Paul Kelly honoured for charity work and a lifetime of songs

Paul Kelly wasn't quite declared the most outstanding human to ever grace the earth, this year at least, but the man often described as Australia's finest songwriter was afforded almost as great an honour at a music industry lunch on Wednesday.

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Sports stars, media come together to raise thousands for ‘brave’ Cronulla riots copsports

More than $8,000 has been raised for former police officer Craig Campbell after media organisations joined with Muslim community leaders for a charity soccer tournament on Sunday.

Campbell, 56, was the subject of an iconic photo during the Cronulla riots when the burly policeman saved a Middle Eastern couple on a train by furiously swinging his police baton to force a mob of youths to back away.

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Red Nose Day: When Social Responsibility Helps Corporate Bottom Lines

Is it a bit of unconscionable hyperbole when talking about children and poverty in the US to declare on the Red Nose Day website: “The donations you give will do amazing things. Just $1 can change a life?”

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Struggle Street ‘poverty porn’ site a problem for SBS

The struggle is real when it comes to SBS finding places to film the second instalment of a series described as “poverty porn”. The broadcaster has been told it’s not welcome to film Struggle Street in the southwest Brisbane suburb of Inala, while its request to document Sunshine in Melbourne’s west has also received a frosty reception.

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Youths forced to live on streets as Gold Coast charity workers devise plan to raise funds for shelters QLD

The homeless crisis on the Gold Coast is so dire helpless charity workers at the coalface are planning to take matters into their own hands.

Fed up with a lack of funding and action from government agencies, Rosies co-ordinator Wendy Coe said she was in talks with others in the industry for them to take on the fight themselves.

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