Junerosity goes live! What it means for Corporate Australia

And we’re off!

After much anticipation, the day is finally here; Australia’s first ever Junerosity event launches tomorrow!

Accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative

Don't you wish for some good news these days? We’ve all heard stories of how greedy some companies are, but how often do you hear about the millions of unrecognised good deeds generated by our businesses and their employees?

Junerosity is the time to showcase just how philanthropic businesses are by capturing all of their generous activity to proudly showcase how much they are truly giving back - at no cost or risk to everyone involved. Through Junerosity, Benojo is empowering humans to make the world a better place, one donation or volunteer hour at a time.

Aussie companies embrace Junerosity

A long list of companies are signed up and ready to prove how much they care throughout the month of June - from a global sportswear brand, to one of Australia’s largest car companies, and everything in between, the excitement is building before the surge of activity begins. And waiting to receive this burst of activity are hundreds of charities who've posted donation and volunteering campaigns for these companies and their employees to choose from and contribute to.

Perfect timing

This is all happening just in time for the end of the financial year, allowing businesses to end it on a high. Not only this, but June is Workplace Giving month - there's never been a better time to ramp up your existing charitable program or start one up!

Engaging employees

Junerosity gives companies the chance to donate to causes that everyone cares about. Each of us have personal charities we want to help, but it's not always the ones our employer's chosen. We encourage organisations to embrace the passions of their people, and we give them the tools to do so. Everyone wins - charities get the support they need, employees feel valued and therefore happier and more engaged.

Purpose = Profit

Multiple studies show that businesses able to demonstrate a purpose can retain and attract the best people while growing their brand as one that stands for something. Customers increasingly consider a brand's social, environmental or community impact when making a purchasing decision.

...it's not too late!

Both companies and charities of any size can join at anytime in June. Every good deed will be recognised and every participant will get featured on our Giving Wall in July.

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