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Are Millennials the future of giving? 

Whether you hail them as ‘Generation next’ or the ‘selfie generation,’ there’s no doubt that Millennials are changing the face of marketing, information sharing, and social impact.

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The Copenhagen fashion summit was all about responsible innovation

The focus of Copenhagen fashion summit revolved around the pressing need for environmental change and innovation in the world of fashion. Over the course of the eight-hour program, a total of 52 speakers and panelists addressed the subject of responsible innovation, a key theme of this year’s summit.

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Perth man Brent McIntyre hitch-hikes from Swanbourne to Sydney...starting nude

A 26-year-old Perth man has done the unthinkable, and hitch-hiked his way from Perth to Sydney with no money, no phone and, to start with, no clothes.

Yes, you read that right - no clothes. Nothing except a sole reliance on the generosity of others.

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Aged care group HammondCare wins deal for aged homeless project 

Not-for-profit aged care provider HammondCare has secured plans to build a residential facility in Darlinghurst for older people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

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New French law condemns checking work email on the weekends

The recently enacted El Khomri labor law in France has seen more than its fair share of protests from the French, mostly because, in a country where the 35-hour work week is mandated, the new law's emphasis on protecting management instead of labor is unacceptable to its citizens. But, as TheNew Yorker points out, there is at least one upside to the law: "The Adaptation of Work Rights to the Digital Era," which ostensibly aims to get people to stop checking their work email on the weekends.

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Trying for that work-life balance? This grandmother and entrepreneur has it figured out

30 years ago, Jane Goh did something bold and relatively rare: She started a new business while raising her young family. It was a risk she had to take.

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