How will AI impact Not For Profit workers?

Are you ready for the future of work? 

Alexa and Siri have come to replace the PA, Xero will replace your accountant, Woebot will replace your therapist and Sophia will pretty much replace everyone if she gets the chance (watch her being interviewed in this video).

This is one alarmist view of the future of technology in our workplace – replacing existing workers with smarter, quicker machines. 

It seems people are concerned about the reality of this, with more than half of Australian workers worrying about losing their jobs to artificial intelligence and automation.

So, what does this mean for Not-For-Profits? They will of course welcome lower costs in delivering their services – but who will operate and manage their platforms and services? Are there enough skilled people with the passion and commitment to take advantage of these developments for the benefit of NFPs? Hopefully, as well as becoming more powerful, smart services will become more user friendly (I’m still waiting for this on more than a few).

3 in 5 of us are preparing for an uncertain future

Despite the gloom, the Swinburne University of Technology has found that “almost three in five workers are prepared to take charge and be responsible for preparing themselves for the future of work”. This means gaining new knowledge and developing new skills through training. Something which we at Benojo are actively supporting through our Benojo Knowledge program of courses for NFPs and Corporates.

So, where should we be investing in our professional development to prepare for the future of work?

Understand & Embrace Technology

It will become vital to interface successfully with technology in order to extract the most value from this symbiotic human/machine relationship. For example, through leveraging the AI of search engines to get your charity found online, or maximising the value of your data to understand the true social impact of the work your organisation delivers.

The tech will happily facilitate all the goodwill giving at low or no cost – but that will only happen after the human work is done. So…

Work on your people skills

To succeed in the future, the NFP employee will need to be a great people-worker. Relationships and partnerships will be fundamental to sustain an advantage when it comes to seeking strategic support from businesses. This is one of the reasons why we have specifically been delivering a fully-funded workshop on exactly this – how charities and NFPs can secure the support of corporate partners, with a view to creating shared value. 

So, if you are one of the three in five, you may want to invest in your human skills. Whether our robot overlords sweep humanity aside, or if we learn to harness AI for the betterment of humanity, it’s vital to understand today what the impact may be on tomorrow.

What do you think? How is technology going to shape the future of your role?