How to effectively measure your CSR impact

Measuring the impact of your corporate social responsibility program goes far beyond just counting dollars. Assessing the levels of staff engagement and satisfaction of the cause you're working will give you a more well-rounded overview of your CSR program and allow you to identify successes and gaps.

Tell a story

The desire to do good comes from the heart, so can facts and figures really provide a holistic overview of your company's giving efforts?

Storytelling is a key component of evaluating CSR programs and gives content to statistics about dollar donations, volunteering hours percentages of engagement.

It's key to engage your HR team in the development of surveys for both staff and cause representatives. These surveys will allow you to obtain detailed feedback and enable you to analyse your CSR program from a human perspective.

If you have the resources to deep-dive into qualitative analytics, it pays to invest in focus groups and interviews with staff and charity stakeholders. The data collected from this research is invaluable for directing the future of your giving programs and can be used in press releases, blogs, and case studies.

Crunch the numbers

Measuring the output of your giving programs is best achieved through quantitative date. For a true reflection of your CSR activity, analytics should include:

  • Number of individuals volunteering
  • Log of individual and collective hours
  • Total volunteer hours for each campaign and charity
  • Analytics on ongoing staff attendance, motivation and productivity
  • Reports produced by the charity you have supported
  • Summary report of monetary donations per cause

Crunching the numbers will result in a data set that can be used for tender application and financial reports. Our platform offers real-time reporting of all your key social impact metrics, removing the administrative headache associated with data synthesis and reporting.

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