How to make CSR matter in your company

A successful CSR strategy engages employees, clients and communities in the pursuit of shared goals. We all have an 'imprint' that motivates us to give, but we often need the support and tools to do so. Key to this idea is integrating a culture of giving within the day to day of your workplace.

So how can you make CSR matter in your company?

1. Think about how you’ll give

As well as aligning your partnerships with like-minded organisations, you’ll need to consider budget and the amount of time you have to commit to CSR activities- consider the type of giving your company can afford to delve into.

One option is to bring the company together and organise a day of activities. GroupM took this approach with their Power of One event, which saw the company generate over $130 000 of value in a day for UnLtd charities.

Others, like recruiters 2discover, schedule in several days a year for staff to volunteer at an organisation of their choice. As CSR expert Jonathan Champ explains, some people prefer to contribute donations rather than time, so having fundraisers or giving  staff the option to sacrifice a small portion of their salary each week can encourage involvement.

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2. Make it a priority

55% of global consumers are willing to pay extra for a product or service committed to making a positive social impact, so making CSR a priority by integrating it into your business model can ultimately have a huge impact on your bottom line.

Building partnerships with organisations who share your company values will ensure you're both working towards shared objectives. This will allow you to integrate your CSR strategy your company values, making it a part of workplace culture.

For example, Sparke Helmore’s Diversity Program, including the Six Degrees women’s network aims to encourage, motivate, and support Sparke Helmore’s women and women in their client community. This example highlights the importance of aligning your businesses strategy with your community programs to ensure maximum impact.

3. Provide support and leadership

Effective governance and leadership are key if companies are to instil a culture of giving in their workplace.

Managing Director of 2discover, Catherine Eyre, leads by example. She is on the board of The Australian Network on Disability and runs workshops to help disadvantaged Australians find work. She also supports her staff’s efforts by taking a keen interest in the volunteering they are involved in out of work, and has begun to record the activities people in the organisation are doing. People are important, she explains. "It's about asking your staff - What do you want to do? Who do you want to help?"

4. Evaluate impact

Measuring outcomes will allow you to evaluate the impact of a campaign and use your findings to support storytelling and growth. Benojo’s platform makes it easy for all parties involved to track the success of a giving campaign by integrating administration, implementation and reporting all in the one place. Using these figures, companies are able to share the success of their giving via case studies, press releases and internal updates, creating a shared sense of achievement and motivation to give.

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