Happy International Volunteer Day!

  It’s International Volunteer Day (IVD) this Friday. Started back in 1985 by the good folks at the United Nations General Assembly, it’s a global celebration that’s held every year on December 5.

International Volunteer Day

Thanks, come again


IVD is all about acknowledging the hard work, time and efforts of volunteers around the world – while encouraging new and further participation from others.

It also gives volunteer-based organisations an opportunity to say ‘hey thanks!’ to their volunteers, while showcasing the invaluable contribution their work is making to the greater community.

A change is gonna come


This year’s theme - Make change happen, volunteer! –  is also a call to action.  In a season that centres heavily on giving, it seems a fitting time for all sorts of people and organisations to ponder the question: How will you make change happen?

Question time


For businesses, this may be in the form of reviewing CSR and staff volunteering programs and seeing how or if they need to be changed, reformed or revitalised.

For individuals, it could involve looking at whether they would like to start or return to volunteering – or reviewing their current volunteer efforts and seeing how they can grow or change this.

For charities – who on IVD will be both thanking existing volunteers and attempting to recruit new ones – it may provide an opportunity to review or change how they work with volunteers.

Get involved


Regardless of where you sit in the scheme of things, IVD is an opportunity to say thanks to volunteers - whether you are one or benefit from the work they contribute to your community or organisation.

Find out how you can get involved in #IVD2014 here.

Will you or your organisation be taking part in International Volunteer Day 2014? Tell us how below.