GroupM staff generate over $130k for charity with the aid of Benojo

Over 700 GroupM staff from across Australia took part in the annual Power of One day on February 26th. This year the global media investment management group took a renewed approach to giving using Benojo to offer staff a choice on how to participate. The end result saw GroupM generate over $130,000 of value in one day for UnLtd charities, a not-for-profit foundation representing media, marketing and advertising.

The case for choice

“This year we pulled out all the stops to provide our teams with a range of ways to get involved, have fun and contribute to our industry’s mission to undo youth disadvantage,” says GroupM HR and talent manager Sarah Crowley.

“Power of One Day is about us putting our values into action, and strengthening our team spirit for an amazing cause. We get great things done when we act with the ‘Power of One’.”

Crowley says increasing employee engagement in the group’s CSR efforts was a key driver in offering staff a choice in how they took part in the Power of One day. “From speaking to people, we found many actually wanted to donate their time, to be involved with the charities and get to experience firsthand exactly what the charities are about.”

This year, GroupM staff could take part in three ways – time (unskilled volunteering), skills (skilled volunteering) and giving (pay-to-play events). Those who chose to donate time undertook a range of general tasks the charities needed assistance with, such as gardening, painting or maintenance. Staff were also able to choose the charity and project they worked on. Staff who donated their skills contributed their expertise to projects that would benefit the charities, while others donated money to take part in pay-to-play events held on the day.

Some of the UnLtd charities supported by GroupM’s Power of One day this year include: Sylvanvale, The Reach Foundation, Be Centre, OzHarvest, Sister2Sister, Hear for You, Weave, Youth off the Streets, The Pyjama Foundation, and The Salvation Army Project 614 in Melbourne.

Crowley says there was a significant increase in staff engagement from this year’s Power of One day. She notes staff were enthusiastic about signing up to the projects of their choice and encouraging others – such as new staff members – to also take part. The response from the recipient charities was also overwhelmingly positive with all types of contributions making a real impact.

A team effort

Crowley says the day’s success wouldn’t have been possible without the support of UnLtd and Benojo. “I have never come across a platform like Benojo that is able to do everything. The fact that we could set up individual campaigns, along with being able to monitor the engagement level of staff and that we could set parameters and caps on the number of staff we could have at each event really helped from an admin and a management perspective. We had campaigns that people were volunteering their time and skills towards, but we also had the giving element where we were incorporating payments into the system. I really don’t think we would have been able to find that anywhere else.“

Crowley adds: “From our point of view, it was very easy to roll out such an enormous project for one day nationally. To have the confidence in the system to take large volumes of people signing in at the same time, using the functions of the systems correctly and then at the end being able to measure the total value – the functions are invaluable. It has everything in the one piece and we would be looking to use it next year.”


Donations:  $23, 588

Ticket sales:  $13, 300

Volunteering value: $99,500

Combined value: $136, 388

Causes benefitted: 13


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