Giving gets techy – Benojo weekly roundup

Each week we aim to bring you the biggest stories across the CSR, philanthropy and charity space. Here’s all the latest in the world of social impact.

Tips for building and improving your CSR program

Australia has witnessed a dramatic rise in Corporate Social Responsibility reporting with approximately 83 per cent of the top 100 companies in Australia (by revenue) now reporting on CSR.

So how can you build and improve on what you already have?

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Employees left with tears of joy after being given 10 per cent of their yoghurt company 

Around 2000 staff of yoghurt company Chobani were overwhelmed this week when their boss Hamdi Ulukaya announced he would give 10 per cent of the company’s value back to his employees.

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Some users hit 'delete' after pledging charitable donations online, study shows

Do charitable campaigns conducted on social media platforms actually “click” with the public? A new study suggests that such campaigns can draw the attention of social media users but not always their commitment to donate money.

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Sean Parker: Hacker philanthropist  

Hacker philanthropy is meant to be the antidote to what Parker calls the conservative, incremental work of most charitable foundations; a timidity he says is borne of institutional self-preservation and a need to assuage philanthropists’ “deep-seated anxiety that their capital may not be accomplishing anything”.

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Brother's mission to help his 'silent angel' sister

A devoted brother is on a mission to improve the quality of life for his younger sister, and is hoping public generosity will help him reach his goal.

John Hauff, 21, has launched a crowdfunding campaign for his 18-year-old sister Taylor who lives with Rett syndrome, a rare neurological disorder that severely impacts motor skills and speech.

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Environment groups risk charity status

Coalition MPs want to force environment groups to dedicate a quarter of their income to planting trees, controlling pests or wildlife rehabilitation.

A government-led parliamentary committee also wants to suspend for five years the charitable status of environment groups that "encourage, support, promote or endorse" illegal activity.

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