Get involved with Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday takes place this year on December 1. It’s a day that calls on all parts of the community – individuals, families, businesses, community centres, students, retailers, corporations and more – to give. We spoke to Anne Gawen, CEO of not-for-profit Connecting Up (who are supporting the day) to find out more about this giving movement. [embedyt][/embedyt]

A campaign to give

“#GivingTuesday is a campaign to create a national day of giving at the start of the annual holiday season. It celebrates and encourages charitable activities that support not-for-profit organisations,” says Gawen.

Having started in the U.S. the campaign has grown globally with the backing of some impressive supporters.

“New York’s 92nd Street Y was the catalyst and incubator for #GivingTuesday, bringing the expertise of 139 years of community-management to the project and providing #GivingTuesday a home. The United Nations Foundation joined as partners, bringing their strategic and communications clout to the project. An amazing team of influencers then offered their ideas, contacts and wisdom to help shape and improve the concept. A powerful list of corporations and non-profits agreed to be founding partners, helping spread the word and committing to their own #GivingTuesday initiatives,” explains Gawen.

“Since then, countless organisations, friends and leaders have all added their support and talents to make #GivingTuesday a reality.”

Growing bigger each year

In its second year, online donations increased 90 per cent worldwide on #GivingTuesday. Now in its fourth year in Australia, #GivingTuesday is gaining momentum.

“This year, we have been lucky enough to have PayPal join the campaign,” says Gawen. “They will be contributing to donations on #GivingTuesday. For those who donate on #GivingTuesday, PayPal will add 1 per cent of their gift to the donation. So what better day to donate to a cause than #GivingTuesday.”

Your personal take on giving

“#GivingTuesday is an initiative to start the giving season and we encourage everyone to be involved with it,” says Gawen.

Those looking to get involved should visit the #GivingTuesday site, which has ideas and resources for not-for-profits, businesses and individuals on how to take part in the day.

“The great thing about this movement is that #GivingTuesday is all about giving how you choose, to who you feel passionately about. There is no biased to any cause, so whether you are an organisation, corporate or individual you are able to give just how you want! It’s important to remember that #GivingTuesday is a movement around giving, not just fundraising,” explains Gawen.

“You can give your time, money, love, a tweet, a gesture and more. So no matter how big or small your giving is, be a part of the global movement by hashtagging #GivingTuesday.”

How do you plan to give during holiday season?

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