All 'fro a very good cause


Occasionally we like to feature campaigns from charities on the blog. We were particularly moved by the amazing work that Koya Aboriginal Corporation do, and were intrigued by the story of Tom’s unbelievable Afro.

We asked Tom to tell his story, so here it is in his own words:

From “Tomzarni with the Good Hair”

Another day ticks by and another personal record has been broken. The record is days gone since my last haircut. It’s been 1 year and 8 months to be exact. All I can say is that it’s been very easy for me to grow my hair but the maintenance of it is like Groundhog Day. It’s always shampoo, condition, dry and repeat. I’ve never had to deal with the steps of maintenance before as my hair was always kept nice and short.

An Afro is born

What prompted me to grow my Afro was when I first met the kids from the Kaat Koort N Hopes program last year. Being quite new to the kids, I thought a good idea to break the ice would be to show them photos on phone of my hair, in its former glory. The pictures I showed them was from the 2 times I’ve done the ‘World’s Greatest Shave’ at Curtin University. Straightaway the kids were like ‘nah, that’s not your hair!’. My response immediately was ‘give me 4-5 months and you’ll see; I’ll make you a Belieber!’.

Bang, just like that… a star was born, I mean an Afro was born!

Bunbury to Busselton or bust

As days or months went by unbeknownst to me the all girls team Blazerz were planning a Cultural/Historical/Leadership camp down South to the Busselton and Bunbury. The girls have dubbed the it ‘The Bunbury to Busselton or Bust Trip’. So, I put forth my case to the girls that I’ll help raise money for them by donating my hair to help cover the costs of their trip.

The girls are excited for the trip and are equally excited to play a part in shaving my head. They can’t wait to travel. What makes it especially exciting is the planning and ownership of trip has all come from the girls input. They are truly an exceptional bunch of girls and for the majority of our girls, it will be their first time leaving the Midland (6056) area in Perth.

Lastly in growing my hair, I’ve seen kids from the basketball competition eyes light up and all crack a smile, in which I smile back. It will be a sad day for when the hair goes, I think I’ll suffer from separation anxiety for a bit but it’s going to a great cause and I can live with that!

The entire team at Benojo with you the very best with your fundraiser Tom, and best of luck to the girls and their ‘Busselton or Bust’ adventure - please leave us a comment and let us know how you get on!