Five charities helping care for kids

Benojo is the place to connect, collaborate, donate, volunteer and measure social impact. We work with a range of charities and not-for-profit organisations seeking support. What kinds of causes would you, your business or workplace like to support? If you would like to work with children’s charities, here are some very worthwhile ones to consider. Barnados

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Barnados is a child protection charity whose history can be traced back to the work of its founder, Dr Thomas Barnardo, an Irish philanthropist and founder/director of homes for poor children in London. Dealing largely with the prevention of abuse and entry into care for children, Barnados works to protect vulnerable children. They operate children’s family centres, alongside permanency programs for out-of-home care, adolescent services and advocacy work.


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Around seven children in an average class size of 30 in Australia are dealing with a significant mental health issue. While two will seek help, the other five will suffer in silence. Batyr’s work focuses on preventative education in the area of young people’s mental health. Their mission is to ‘educate students about the support networks and systems available to them and empower students to reach out for help when they need’. They do this through programs that connect students with young speakers who have successfully managed an experience with mental ill health.

Royal Far West

royal far west

Since 1924, Royal Far West has been providing country children from regional and rural New South Wales access to a range of health services. They work with children who have non-acute developmental, behavioural, learning, emotional and mental health disorders, and limited access to local services. Based in the Sydney suburb of Manly, their facilities offer family-centric health care, which integrate with education and accommodation.

United Way

united way

Part of a global network in 41 countries, United Way’s work in Australia focuses on early literacy and youth unemployment. They believe that no Australian child should start or finish school without the basics they need to read, learn and succeed. They have delivered over 50,000 books to children in need; have assisted close to 1100 students from disadvantaged areas to transition to further study or employment by helping them increase their skills; and fostered increased community collaboration between schools, families, students, businesses and governments.

Children’s Cancer Institute

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Some 950 children and adolescents a year are diagnosed with cancer in Australia – while nearly three a week die. The Children’s Cancer Institute’s sole mission is to put an end to childhood cancer. They are the only medical institute in Australia dedicated to finding a cure for childhood cancer and their work is having an impact, with eight of out 10 children surviving cancer.

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