So now what? We fight fear with love. Together. Here's how.

Oh god, please no...
Oh god, please no...

This isn't a post about politics. We're not pointing fingers or attributing blame. It's not our place to dissect democratic process or provide expert post-mortem analysis of that result.

No matter how you feel about how the course of history changed on Wednesday 9th of November 2016, there's one thing we can agree on - the world needs us all to pull together like never before. We will lead by example. We will show those most in fear of change that they're not alone. We will use this as a trigger to act on those good intentions we never seem to get around to. We will do this together.

You probably know that the best way to feel better about anything, is to do good things for others. Here are some ideas to help you turn your feelings of powerless frustration into ones of positivity.

Climate change

Appointing a climate change denier as chief advisor doesn't bode well for our favourite planet does it? Although Australia recently ratified the Paris climate agreement, as a nation we're woefully behind in terms of investment in alternative energy and the policy to make real steps in the right direction. That's why these guys need your support:

Earthwatch Institute Australia - A science-led research body who have already produced over 1,400 valuable studies into ecosystems and wildlife. They also partner with businesses and education to grow their "citizen scientist" program. Right now they have a campaign to save the manta ray.

Greenfleet - These guys have planted over 8.7 million native trees to offset carbon pollution and provide sustainable wildlife habitats. A great example of tangible results from focused action. Donate to their current campaign here.

The Climate Institute - Another action-focused cause, who have three clear goals: (1) International accountability; (2) Economic transformation; (3) Societal leadership. They know there's no time to sit around talking any more. We need to act, even if others aren't.

Violence against women

The catalogue of misogyny from the president elect is staggering. Charities like these deal with the fallout from  domestic violence and are your best way of tipping the balance back towards good:

Manly Women's Shelter - These guys provide a safe haven for abused women. We've seen first hand the incredible work they do, yet they operate on a miniscule budget and spend every cent wisely.

ANROWS - The Australian National Research Organisation for Women's Safety carries out invaluable research which helps shape policy around domestic violence.

Two Good - These guys are a regular favourite at the Benojo office! Buy a yummy lunch (from top chefs) and for each one another is donated to a women's shelter. What's more, they employ and pay women from the shelters to produce the lunches. Check out their "eat one, treat one" model today.

Immigration & refugees

Because building a wall is never the answer. Like the USA, Australia is a culture based on immigration and inclusion. Our energies must be focused on positive change, not hatred and division. Here's how you can make that change happen:

PHOR - Promoting Healthy Outcomes for Refugees, are a dedicated bunch who make amazing differences to human lives through rehabilitation, literacy, health and wellbeing of those from a refugee background. They've just launched their Kids in the Kitchen program to support Syrian refugees. Get stuck in.

Save the Children - A well known charity which does great work in Australia and overseas. As you'd expect, forced migration is an increasing focus for these guys and children suffer the most. Explore their current campaigns and vote for good with your generosity.

Show Me The Way - SMTW provide secure online mentoring by connecting students from First Nations and from a refugee background with e-mentors from corporate Australia. They have some really interesting campaigns up right now which are worth a look. Does your place of work allow volunteer days? If so, these guys need your help.

We can fix this
We can fix this

You probably don't have billions of dollars. You might not even have a loud voice. But what you DO have is something 'he who shall not be named' doesn't - compassion. And that's why reading these words makes you an agent of change, along with the millions of us who stand with you, vowing to flood the world with good.

Chin up. You're in control. Spread the love.