Fancy Platform, Real Change

Last week all us office Benojoians made the rare departure away from our screens and had the opportunity to hear from Sinn Meang, the Founder and Director of Volunteer Building Cambodia (VBC). Sinn told the story of VBC; how it formed, and how it grew in size and impact. For us, the most gratifying part of the story was hearing the role Benojo plays in amplifying their impact. We don’t want to toot our own horn, but it was particularly heartening to hear first-hand how the Benojo platform has helped an organisation deliver life-changing services to people in need.


VBC focuses on helping poor Cambodian families improve their living conditions through providing housing, water facilities and educational services. To do this, they use the Benojo platform to launch fundraising campaigns and source volunteers.


Hearing Sinn speak about his home, his ambitions and the challenges VBC faces in delivering impact reiterated the importance of every dollar they receive, and every dollar they spend. With other fundraising platforms, VBC could lose 10% of their donations in processing fees, which (quick maths) amounts to US$300 of every US$3000 that people spend to pay for one VBC house.


As we sat there nodding our heads, drinking our $3.5 coffees (alright, $5.50, we are in Sydney CBD after all), hearing about how much money they’ve saved in process fees by fundraising through Benojo, the value of this saved money was a little lost on us. Sinn explained how the families VBC help are typically earning less than US$1 a day, so losing $300 to fees was incomprehensible wastage for them, and a terrible loss to the families who need it. $300 is what it takes for VBC to build a permanent toilet for these families, yet it’s instead ending up in the pockets of a middle man. Life-changing stories like this are why we do what we do, and why we love doing it. We firmly believe that our platform should be free for charities, and that their ability to do ‘good’ shouldn’t be debilitated by overpriced service fees, but that donations are better spent constructing lovely loos.


To learn more about all the ‘good’ that Volunteer Building Cambodia does, check out this video and their “before and after” shots which are much more inspiring than any 8 week fitness challenge.

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