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TL;DR: Benojo has just released some fresh new courses for social change-makers.

Humanity’s progress is powered by communication and the exchange of ideas. It allows us to learn from the experimentation, success and failures of others which is why investing in educating your people, or just yourself, is one of the most effective means of empowerment.

However, in the nonprofit and CSR sector resources tend to be tight, with every expense scrutinised to ensure it’s a worthy investment. Time is an equally scarce commodity, so sending employees to educational workshops can be costly in both these currencies.

At Benojo we understand both the value of intellectual capital as well as the cost of building it. That’s why our new education programs are not only focused on the topics that relate to tomorrow’s needs, but are priced as low as possible - and in some cases 100% fully funded. But that’s not the only difference:


How often have you struggled to maintain your interest, or even consciousness, while a knowledgeable but uninspiring presenter reads out a list of bullet points from their powerpoint slideshow? And most of us have attended lectures on a relevant topic, only to find it too academic or theoretical to have real world application in our day to day roles.

That’s all changing

We’re breaking free of the traditional, stuffy classroom experience. Our workshops are engaging and practical, and hosted by experts who aren’t just knowledgeable but are actually fun to interact with.

We believe learning shouldn’t be a one way street - our trainers are motivated to understand each student’s individual challenges so they’re able to suggest the most relevant solutions. This method keeps discussions lively and our facilitators connected to your real-world situations - jargon free, no ivory towers or abstract concepts, just relevant and actionable advice, backed by research and experience.

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We’ve been running our hugely popular Acquiring & Building Effective Corporate Partnerships course for almost two years now, with hundreds of nonprofit professionals graduating with the knowledge and processes to help them identify, approach and pitch to potential business partners. Best of all, through our relationship with TAFE NSW we’re still able to offer these at no cost to eligible students, each of who also earn four units towards a Certificate IV in Management. Next year we’ll be extending this nationwide.

Based on the success of this course, Benojo has invested in its knowledge team and launched two new courses to meet the needs of modern charities.

Getting your charity found online

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A beginner’s introduction to search engine optimisation (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) for nonprofit professionals. Getting your site found on Google is not the black art some people might want you to believe. This practical and jargon-free half day workshop is ideal for whoever manages the charity website and those tasked with growing support for their nonprofit.

Introduction to social impact measurement for NFPs

Delivered by 2018 NFP Board Director of the Year Greg Nairn, this half day course provides a foundation understanding of this evolving discipline, giving you tools and processes to plan for and measure impact. You’ll learn actionable, real-world skills which you can apply to your own organisation.

Already, these workshops are making waves in the sector, prompting the development of other classes for corporates as well as NFPs - we guarantee these upcoming courses will also be perfectly suited to help build the skills of purpose-led professionals.

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