Every Day Can Mean Something

With each passing day, month, and year, little known holidays come and go, often with no recognition at all. Ever celebrated “National Greasy Food Day” or “International Talk Like a Pirate Day”?

Not all of these unrecognised holidays are all fun and games, though. Take “International Women’s Day” and “International Day of Happiness,” for example. These days were created to remind us all about the importance of doing good and stopping to care about the individuals and communities around us. That is what we are all about here at Benojo.

Since we can all agree that we probably won’t convince our bosses to recognise “Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day” as a day to take off work (though this seems likes an incredibly important cause to me), we have gathered a few simple ways you can give back to organisations whose full time job is to do good in the world.


March 8th: International Women’s Day

Share the Dignity

Share the Dignity is an organisation whose purpose is to provide homeless women and those who have fled domestic violence with sanitary items. On 28 May, 2017, “International Mentstrual Hygiene Day," Share the Dignity will be hosting an event called “Share the DigniTEA.” Read more about this cause and purchase tickets here!


Dress for Success

Dress For Success is an organisation that endeavors to empower women and help them acquire jobs by providing them with tools and skills to achieve both workplace and personal success. Whether you decide to donate time, money or tangibles, many thousands of women will thank you.


Life Changing Experiences Foundation

Every young girl needs a role model, but not every girl is lucky enough to have one. The Life Changing Experiences Foundation exists primarily to provide Australia’s most marginalised girls access to mentoring, opportunities, and career direction to help turn lives around. To learn more about methods such as the SISTER2sister program and offer your support, click here.


March 20th: International Day of Happiness

Koala Kids Foundation

Give a gift that keeps on going when you support the Koala Kids Foundation. With each volunteer hour or simple donation, a pediatric cancer patient feels a bit more at ease. This organisation’s purpose is to comfort and engage young patients by distracting them from the pain associated with the cancer journey. 


Human Kind Project

The Human Kind Project has a big mission - to rally humans together and end world hunger by 2030. It’s a massive goal, but not an impossible one.  Check out more about the Human Kind Project’s current partners and projects here


Monika’s Doggie Rescue

You can’t say no to puppies in need. We dare you to try after clicking here.



Give a virtual hug by supporting the Ted-E-Bear Foundation. By donating to this cause, you will send a teddy bear to a child who suffers from epilepsy as well as an informational packet to their family. It doesn’t get much happier than this.


April 7th: World Health Day

Promoting Healthy Outcomes for Refugees

Join the partnership of PHOR and Meaning Business to help support people from refugee backgrounds. An opportunity to aid thousands in need of mental and physical support is right here!


Heart Research Australia

Heart Research Australia funds and supports first-stage, innovative research into the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of heart disease - Australia's biggest killer. Do your part to save a heart.


Children’s Cancer Institute

This organisation feels confident in their ability to end cancer – for once and for all, but they need your help.


Can Too Foundation

This health promotion foundation organises fun walks, runs, and triathlons in order to encourage fitness and healthy, happy lifestyles.


April 22nd: Mother Earth Day

Parramatta Holroyd Family Support

Have a green thumb? Want to enjoy the upcoming autumn weather while supporting the community? Have a go at gardening to help the environment and families in need in Western Sydney.



The Wildlife Information Rescue & Education Service exists to educate Australians about native wildlife species in fun and interactive ways. The wildlife is waiting for you!


Green Fleet

Greenfleet is Australia's most respected source of biodiverse carbon offsets. You can have a real positive impact on the environment by helping to plant native trees, restore habitat for native wildlife, protect our unique environment, clean the air, and much more!


May 15th: International Day of Families

Lokahi Foundation

This organisation works to help victims of domestic and family violence get back on their feet. Currently, they need your help in funding the employment of a case worker to help more people live free and safe lives.


Marist Youth Care

Youth across the country are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless and separated from their families. Your donation will help provide children with beds and skills they need to get back on their feet and with their families.


Contact, Inc.

Your support of Cantact, Inc. will help raise awareness of the impacts of isolation on children and families. Everyone deserves friends, family, and support.

They may not grab your attention as much as "Be Bald and Be Free Day" (14 October, for those of you who are wondering), but these causes strive to alleviate the hardships and sufferings many people experience every day. So, while you're enjoying a toastie on "Sandwich Day" or a nice chuckle on "International Moment of Laughter Day," do some good in the world. It's easy.