Enhanced reporting capabilities make it easier to evaluate your impact

We know that the only way to grow and improve your community giving programs is to measure, evaluate and learn from the results. That's why we've updated our system with new reporting capabilities!

What's new?

Or latest update means that all your data is consolidated in the one place, taking the stress out of compiling weekly reports and making it easier to compare results.

Businesses also have the ability to make their impact report visible to their employees - meaning your giving efforts are transparent and can be easily circulated among all levels of staff.

What does this mean for workplace giving?

Having all your giving data in the one place is essential when it comes to compiling annual reports, tenders, pitch documents and even circulating a 'weekly roundup' through the office.

Consolidating data makes it easier to evaluate the parts of your CSR programs that are working and the parts that might need a new strategy. This data can also be used to compile company updates and blog posts that let the world know about your latest community contributions.

Staff who want to view the reports should be given the option to provide feedback - it's important for employers to know what they could be doing to increase staff engagement as well as thinking about causes that are relevant to staff interests.

Contact us to find out how this can save you time and track your company's generosity.