El Naturalista: Bringing their customers into the giving cycle

CSR in action El Naturalista is an ethical shoes and accessories company, which uses materials such as bamboo, natural rubber, vegetable-tanned leather, and recycled materials to make their products.

With a slogan of “trying a better way”, CSR is built into the Spanish-based company’s business model and philosophy. Through their ‘We believe in people’ campaign they also invite consumers to be part of the giving cycle.

Buy to give

How? The premise is a simple one: Buy a pair of El Naturlista shoes, hop onto their site, choose one of the four projects they support, enter your donation code (on a card with your purchase) and 2.14% of the purchase’s profits will go towards it.

Projects include: building a home for disadvantaged single mothers and children in Peru; establishing a school canteen in Haiti; creating a chicken farm to support a children’s home in Tanzania; and the development of warehouse for fishermen in Miyagi, Japan , which was hit by the tsunami in 2011.


The take-out?

El Naturalista’s ‘We believe in people’ campaign highlights how businesses can involve many parties in their CSR efforts – from staff to clients and consumers. Their approach of including a choice of projects and causes that have a connection to the brand are also noteworthy.

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