Catherine Eyre on why people are important

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Specialist recruiter 2discover is a business that is firmly focused on people. And that’s a wonderful thing when it’s in the hands of a managing director as passionate and engaged as Catherine Eyre.

Meet Catherine Having stepped into the role of MD (after a few years as general manager) in December and with the agency marking its first decade in 2015, it’s an exciting time for both Eyre and 2discover.

“My big driver is people,” says Eyre, noting that she is a strong believer of equity, fairness and workplace diversity. The agency’s prides itself on being different to the standard recruitment agency; focusing much time and energy getting the right people into the right jobs, and building strong, long-term relationships and partnerships with their clients.

Her Philosophy “A big part of what we have built our success on is recruitment through the lens of diversity and inclusiveness. Working with our clients to understand their workforce mix and supplying talent across mature age, disability, gender, cultural ethnicity, indigenous and LGBT,” wrote Eyre in her first blog for 2discover, earlier this year. “It makes sense to us: having a team of people from a mix of backgrounds to provide service to a client group from a mix of backgrounds!”

It’s a philosophy that Eyre has always put into practice, reflected in the diversity of the 2discover’s team of ten staff, and in her previous role at a large wealth management company, where she headed up client services.

Her initial introduction to Benojo made her reflect on the potential to have captured and tracked all the broad CSR efforts of the team in her previous role. “The people in that organisation were doing all these amazing bike rides, walks and runs – on their own time – alongside the one-to-two days the company would give them to volunteer a year,” Eyre explains. “There were so, so many charities benefitting. There was so much happening and people knew about it, but the tangibles weren’t there. Going back and reporting … there just wasn’t anything there to do that.”

Her hope now is to capture all the amazing CSR work being undertaken at 2discover. Eyre herself participates and runs programs and workshops to help disadvantaged Australians help find work. “We share a lot of our knowledge,” says Eyre, noting that her time and services are donated when the events are for not-for-profits and universities.

2discover have also partnered with Mission Australia and will have strong involvement in their future fundraising events. Eyre and 2discover founder John Leith were also on the board of the The Australian Network on Disability. Eyre adds: “John has been working with Red Kite events for years too and, unbeknownst to me, other staff volunteer their own time too.”

“It’s about asking your staff – what do you want to do? Who do you want to help?” explains Eyre. “There are always so many things you want to do.”

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