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Each week we aim to bring you the biggest stories across the CSR, philanthropy and charity space. Here’s all the latest in the world of social impact.

IMC and Royal Life Saving Society team up to help kids Swim and Survive

It was last year while attending a school presentation day at the Old Guildford Public School in Sydney’s west that Greg Nairn, CSR lead for IMC’s Asia Pacific region, learnt that only four of its 400 students were able to safely participate in the school’s swimming activities.

Astonished that so many of the school’s young students were unable to swim, he set about finding a way to help. Read our latest blog post for the details!

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Sydney CBD office open day - for NSW Kids in need charity

NSW Kids in Need - which assists six smaller charities - holds its first major fundraiser this weekend on Saturday May 30. It is billed as the World's Largest Open House.

Sydney offices - normally restricted to staff - will be open including office space within Deutsche Bank Place, Australia Square, Grosvenor Place, Farrar Place, 50 Martin Place and Citigroup Tower.

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NSW building

Archaeologist seeks crowdfunding for study into threatened plant and animal species in WA's Mid West

An archaeologist researching how Aboriginal culture altered the landscape in the Mid West almost 10,000 years ago says her work will help identify ways to protect threatened plant and animal species in the future.

Carly Monks, who is midway through her PhD at the University of Western Australia, has turned to crowdfunding to help continue her fieldwork and studies.

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Archaeologist crowd fund

Photo: Carly Monks

Etsy figures out how to crowd source social responsibility - will it work?

It’s hard to argue the intent behind most corporate social responsibility initiatives. Successful companies are uniquely positioned to devote resources – both dollars and skills – to social issues in the markets they serve, whether it’s something as simple as giving employees time for charitable work or more elaborate company-wide programs devoted to major world challenges like famine, equal rights and disease.

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Hands-on classes, generosity replace school's final exams

Students and teachers at McCracken Middle School are finishing out the year in hands-on classes that replace the traditional final exam.

On Wednesday, girls and boys in one class were using sewing machines to make creations that they'll donate to people in need. Another class was out on the field playing softball with a wounded veteran.

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CSR in Australia and New Zealand – 2015 review of maturity, capabilities and priorities

The Australian Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility (ACCSR) has released its 2015 review, examining the stages of CSR in businesses across Australia and New Zealand.

While compliance remains the main priority for organisations where CSR maturity is low, the top priority in the year ahead for businesses in higher stages is building stronger relationships with stakeholders.

Another key finding of the report is that that CSR is becoming a much more important part of product innovation and new market development.

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Want to be successful in life and business? Give back to your community

I first learned about Melissa when I saw her Zillow Top Real Estate Agent feature. What has intrigued me about her the most is that she is very successful in real estate business that is very time-consuming while also allocating a lot of her time to charity and community work. This supported my long-standing belief that by giving back to your community and helping charities, you reap immeasurable rewards and bring abundance into your life: personal and business. I've reached out to her to learn more about her life and business philosophy so I could learn from the best and get inspired.

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