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Homeless people read mean tweets

A Canadian organisation called Raising the Roof, which seeks to find long-term solutions for Canada’s homeless is behind the Humans for Humans campaign, which aims to change the conversation about homelessness.

In a series of short videos featured on the site, individuals who are or have been homeless respond to ‘mean tweets’ and questions about homelessness by sharing their own personal stories and experiences. Their responses are brave, insightful and real.

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Cancer charities allegedly misused $187 million for concerts and dating sites, U.S. says

Four cancer charities allegedly used more than $187 million in donations to buy cars, luxury cruises, concert tickets and even dating memberships for families and friends. It is one of the largest charity fraud accusations ever levelled in the U.S.

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TEDx Sydney asks everyone to rise to #StellasChallenge

TEDxSydney announced a major initiative designed to significantly contribute to the social inclusion of people living with disabilities.

Stella Young’s 2014 TEDxSydney talk – I’m not your inspiration, thank you very much–has reached close to 2 million views online. Subscribing to the social model of disability, Stella said she was more disabled by the society she lived in than her physical limitations.

#StellasChallenge has been created to continue the legacy of writer, comedian and advocate Stella Young.

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Stella Young challenge

Young rich-listers aim for philanthropic goals

Liberman and Almagor are among a cohort of young philanthropic activists emerging worldwide. Significantly, this group finds itself on the cusp of the greatest wealth transfer in history. A 2014 Boston College study found that in the US alone, $US60 trillion ($78 trillion) will be transferred to heirs, charities and taxes by 
mid-century. In Australia the figure is estimated to be 
$70 billion by 2030, according to JBWere.

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Up and coming: (left to right) Berry Liberman, Lucy Myer, Markus Kahlbetzer, Danny Almagor, James Ostroburski, Prue Pateras, Hayley Morris. Photographer Josh Robenstone

Australians remain a charitable bunch despite tougher economic times

Despite tougher economic times, Australians continue to be generous when it comes to donating to charity. In their bi-annual charitable giving index, released earlier today, the NAB revealed that total donations increased by 2% to $336 per donor in the year to February.

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Key strategies can boost donations at crowdfunding sites, experts say

Stanford computer scientists have shown how crowdfunding websites can use data science to boost cash value of donations. Their research confirms, among other findings, the importance of a timely thank you.

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10 of the best jobs for people who want to make the world a better place

If you love your job, you’ll never have to work a day in your life. That’s perhaps no truer than if the role you adore also happens to help make the world a better place.

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