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Shared Value: The experts weigh in

Benojo’s latest blog post discusses shared value with Mark Kramer, a global force in shared value and co-founder of FSG, a non-profit consulting firm that specialises in strategy, evaluation, and research. He's also an author, who co-wrote the defining article ‘Creating Shared Value’ with Michael E Porter for the Harvard Business Review.

Needless to say, Mark is an absolute powerhouse and we're so excited to have spoken to him. Read more below.

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Miley Cyrus enlists Joan Jett, Ariana Grande for new homeless LGBT charity

From bringing a homeless teen onstage at the MTV Video Music Awards to slamming the Indiana governor over the state's controversial religious freedom law, Miley Cyrus isn't afraid to tackle pressing social issues head on. With that in mind, the Bangerz singer has established the Happy Hippie Foundation, an organization that aims to bring awareness towards issues affecting homeless youth and other vulnerable populations such as the LGBT youth community.

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Image: Sue Kwon

Laser Clinics Australia founder Babak Moini gives away fortune

The millionaire founder of Laser Clinics Australia Babak Moini says Australians have become too greedy, and wants to make an example by giving away the bulk of his rapidly acquired fortune to medical research.

Mr Moini and his fiancee, Rochelle Collis, will donate $1 million to two charities – MS Research Australia and FHSD, the Bill Moss-backed foundation that funds medical research into a specific type of muscular dystrophy.

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This vending machine sells T-shirts for 2 euros, but no one will buy one

When shoppers came across a vending machine in Berlin, Germany selling t-shirts for only 2 Euros each (about $2.19), they flocked to benefit from the supreme sale. But there was a catch. In order to buy a €2 t-shirt, shoppers had to first watch a video about the exploited sweatshop laborers that make cheap clothing possible.

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Credit: Fashion Revolution

Hunter charity worker gives insight into Nepal earthquake destruction

As the scale of the devastation from the Nepal earthquake continues to be revealed, one Hunter charity has given an insight into what's happening in the disaster zone.

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Mature-age contribution worth billions while giving back

A new study shows that workers older than 45 help reduce turnover, bringing down recruitment and training expenses, and also serve as a valuable source of informal care while giving back to the community through volunteer work.

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