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Each week we aim to bring you the biggest stories across the corporate giving and charity space. Here’s what’s causing waves globally, the things that are shaking up CSR and all the latest in the world of social impact.

Nepal earthquake: How you can help

After the terrible news in Nepal, Benojo’s blog has some information for all those who either want to donate to those in Nepal, give information or keep up to date on the latest news.

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Giving to charity: Feeling love means doing more for distant strangers

A new study has serious implications for marketers, universities, charities and nonprofits that seek contributions to projects with which donors have no personal relationship. "The current findings underscore the importance of focusing in such cases on the one positive emotion which best widens the giver's circle of caring: love" conclude the authors.

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McDonald’s commits to removing deforestation from its supply chain

McDonald’s announced a commitment to remove deforestation from its supply chain. The global fast food company’s commitment includes its entire supply chain. However, certain priority products will be focused on, including beef, fiber-based packaging, coffee, palm oil and poultry. The company will start to develop sourcing targets this year.

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Giving to charity is selfish – and that’s fine

David Shariatmadari writes an opinion piece on donating money to charity and how it’s okay to give for selfish reasons.

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What entrepreneurs can learn from the philanthropic struggles of TOMS Shoes

Entrepreneurs are making philanthropy as much a part of their businesses as marketing and new product development. But philanthropy can be tricky. It’s not enough to just tack a charitable donation onto each sale. The philanthropy has to be authentic to the company’s brand and its mission. Even then, things can backfire.

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Australia must do more for Nepal

The Australian government is so far spending about the same amount helping the millions of people affected by the devastating earthquake in Nepal as it is spending on renovations for the official residence of one person in this country – the Prime Minister. We must do more, much more.

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