Benojo’s Martyn Ryan: The CSR 2015 wish list

Benojo CSR

2014 was a big year for us here at Benojo, and we think 2015 will be even bigger.

We’ve got plenty planned, so it seems fitting that Benojo’s inspirational founder Martyn Ryan shares his hopes and wants for corporate social responsibility in 2015.

All in all...

“I would love for more people to receive the gift of giving than ever before,” says Martyn.

“And for people and organisations to be given the recognition they deserve for the work they do. If only to inspire others.”

He adds: “I hope more stories are told, that more good news is shared and that more people are inspired to fulfil their own giving passions.”

Looking in

With Benojo servicing both the not-for-profit and corporate sectors, Martyn hopes businesses and charities focus more on the alignment of their values and objectives.

He notes they should: “take the time to learn more and build strong sustainable relationships”.

Technology and a renewed approach to the sharing of outcomes are also on his CSR wish list for 2015:

“I hope the place for new and innovative technology is recognised, embraced and invested in by the investment community and business sector.”

“I would love to see,” says Martyn, “more innovative, fun and compelling communication to customers, supporters, stakeholders and beneficiaries considered by businesses and charities when sharing collaboration outcomes. Also, outcomes that are more demonstrable, with transparency for all to see.”

Collaborative effort

Martyn believes that no effort or contribution is too small when it comes to giving:

“I hope more small businesses make the effort to get involved in their communities and giving, to reap the benefits of being recognised as good corporate citizens.”

He also wants individuals to add their voices:

“I would like to see employees make more of a play to be heard on the causes they want to support, with time and money allocations put forward by employers.”

What’s on your CSR 2015 wish list?

Please comment below or contact Benojo to see how we can help your business achieve some of the above.