Benojo weekly roundup – what’s happening in the giving space?

Each week we aim to bring you the biggest stories across the corporate giving and charity space. Here’s what’s causing waves globally, the things stirring up people like you and all the latest in the world of social good.

The Benojo Weekly roundup

OzHarvest chats about food waste Australia-wide

Benojo spoke with Lisa Dainty, OzHarvest’s charismatic volunteer and engagement manager, to learn more about their work, and how businesses can get involved.  Read our latest blog post to learn more about this innovative organisation.

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Ethical dining: our favourite initiatives for eating out while giving back

Ethical dining initiatives can bridge this gap between those at the table and those on the street. Here are some of The Guardian’s favourite Australian food-based initiatives:

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Peter Singer on the ethics of philanthropy

In his new book, “The Most Good You Can Do,” to be released on Tuesday, Mr. Singer argues that people should give a substantial percentage—ideally a third—of their income to charities. Mr. Singer himself has given away at least 10% of his income for 40 years; that number has gradually risen to between a quarter and a third of his income. He advocates focusing donations on the developing world.

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Peter Singer Benojo roundup

Peter Singer Photo: Lynton Crabb for The Wall Street Journal

2015 Index reveals philanthropy is growing worldwide, particularly in Europe

2015 BNP Paribas Individual Philanthropy Index reveals that Philanthropy is growing worldwide, increasing by 5 points on average in 2015. Out of the four regions, Europe is now almost level with the USA, with a strong increase in current and projected giving.

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2015 'the big year' for Yum Brands’ corporate social responsibility goals

Yum! Brands Inc. (NYSE: YUM) updated the progress of initiatives it started as part of its corporate social responsibility campaign.

The report is broken into four categories — food, environment, community and people — that each include their own goals, some with measurable outcomes. Others are more broad, such as improving the well-being of Yum's 1.5 million employees and franchisees around the world and continuing to develop its unique culture. It also details Yum's efforts to fight hunger through its World Hunger Relief and Harvest food donation programs.

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Switch to use this “ethical” Smartphone – Fairphone

In the past few years, a company has taken on a very ambitious mission: producing and selling a phone that is made from materials acquired under good conditions in order to promote a fairer world economy. Fairphone describes itself as a “social enterprise with the goal of creating a fairer economy.” Driven more by ethics than by profit, the Fairphone may be of a lot of interest to people who care about the social values the company is fighting for.

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Fairphone Benojo roundup