Benojo weekly roundup – what’s happening in the giving space?

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Each week we aim to bring you the biggest stories across the corporate giving and charity space. Here’s what’s causing waves globally, the things stirring up people like you and all the latest in the world of social good.

Big businesses stand against discrimination

This week on the Benojo’s blog, we had a look at a controversial and what many are deeming discriminating law passed in the state of Indiana and the different businesses in the US that are taking a stand against it.

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When technology helps us become more human

A specialist in so-called “liberation technologies,” created a crisis disaster map, mapping everything from CNN reports to Tweets.  The job of finding and geo-referencing news reports and social media postings soon became too big for him, and he reached out to friends to assist him.

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New America

How collaboration is linked to success

Most experts agree that collaborating in business produces greater outcomes. The brainpower of intelligent people combined together, has the ability to solve problems and achieve amazing results. It can also be very liberating to be part of a work culture that promotes collaboration.

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Apple CEO Tim Cook 'plans to give away all his wealth’

Tim Cook intends to “give away all his wealth” after providing for his 10-year-old nephew, according to a new profile of the Apple CEO in Fortune.

Cook spoke to Adam Lashinsky extensively on a range of issues, including his outspoken support for a number of social issues. “You want to be the pebble in the pond that creates the ripple for change,” the CEO explained. To this end, once he has paid for his nephew’s college education, he intends to give away his fortune to philanthropic issues.

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Taking child labour to the streets: Not For Sale hits hipster bars to sell its message

Warning consumers about child labour and slavery is not the easiest message to sell so Jonathan Hirt has decided to do it over a few cocktails in a hipster bar.

The Australian head of global anti-slavery charity is hold a series of social events to raise awareness about the origins of everything from clothing to coffee.

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Bangladeshi child labourers work at a balloon workshop in Kamrangir Char, on the outskirts of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Photo: AP

The quest for adventure through philanthropy with Author Jeff Rasley

Jeff Rasley made the leap from his career, a very successful 30 years as an attorney with his own practice, to a satisfying non-profit endeavor at age 55. He is the president of one foundation and serves on the board of five other nonprofit organisations.

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