Benojo weekly roundup – what’s happening in the giving space?

Each week we aim to bring you the biggest stories across the corporate giving and charity space. Here’s what’s causing waves globally, the things stirring up people like you and all the latest in the world of social good.

El Naturalista: Bringing their customers into the giving cycle

At Benojo, we love to stay abreast of cool companies worldwide setting trends in corporate social responsibility. Have a read about this El Naturalista shoe company and how they do things differently.

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CSR in action

Battered Ferguson taps into crowdfunding

After violent protests, boutique owner and other entrepreneurs reach out for funds to rebuild

An inspiring story of at least 26 Ferguson businesses who have raised a combined $447198 via GoFundMe. The businesses are claiming damage from the unrest that followed last year’s fatal police shooting of an unarmed black teenager.

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A tech hub of one’s own: Australia’s first space for female-led tech start-ups

Sydney’s Ventura will be Australia’s first co-working office space catering specifically to women-led technology businesses. It is the latest business from entrepreneur Catriona Wallace who was inspired to create a female-friendly workspace when she couldn’t find suitable digs for her expanding customer relationship software company, Flamingo.

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How Orlando Bloom raised Ebola awareness in Liberia (video)

Orlando Bloom longtime UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador visited Liberia to help raise awareness of the ongoing Ebola outbreak that started a year ago.;width=900&height=300


Jolie puts spotlight on ovarian cancer

Since the actress Angelina Jolie published on Tuesday an essay on why she chose to have surgery to reduce her chances of getting cancer, Krystal Barter says her Pink Hope charity has been inundated.

angelina jolie

Schools Plus makes tax deductible donations available to public schools

The Senate recently passed a bill to give Australian Schools Plus, an education charity set up to give disadvantaged schools access to private donations, deductible gift recipient status, ensuring donations over $2 to schools via Schools Plus are now tax-deductible.

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