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Each week we aim to bring you the biggest stories across the corporate giving and charity space. Here’s what’s causing waves globally, the things stirring up people like you and all the latest in the world of social good.

Does charitable giving lead to better health?

Is it really better to give than receive? A new study adds to a growing body of research that suggests it is—at least when it comes to your health.

The research, recently published in the Journal of Economic Psychology, found that donating to charity may actually improve a giver’s physical and emotional well being. The study also suggested a link between increases in charitable tax subsidies, which have been found to spur giving, and improvements in people’s perceptions of their own health. (Perception of health tends to be a good indicator of future health-care use and mortality rates.)

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Benojo speaks to the CSR CEO! Brad Howell from ICAP Australia

When it comes to companies that are doing CSR well, there’s a lot that could be learnt from the Sydney-based office of ICAP, a markets operator and provider of post trade risk mitigation and information services. We caught up with the inspirational CEO at the helm of ICAP’s Australian and New Zealand offices, Brad Howell.


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Charity donation: Australians donating less to non-government organisations

Australians are donating less to non-government organisations, a study has found.

The study by the Australian National University's Development Policy Centre found in 2012/2013, Australians gave nine cents in every $100 to international development NGOs, compared to 14 cents in 2004 and 11 cents in 2007.

It said since about 2006, public giving in Australia to these organisations flatlined, just keeping up with inflation.

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Facebook launches tool to report suicidal behaviour

Facebook launched a new suicide prevention tool on Tuesday, giving users a direct link to an online chat with counsellors who can help, the company said.

Friends are able to report suicidal behaviour by clicking a report option next to any piece of content on the site and choosing suicidal content under the harmful behaviour option, Facebook spokesman Frederic Wolens said.

Facebook will then email the user in distress a direct link for a private online chat with a crisis representative from the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline as well as the group's phone number.

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Twitter co-founder launches 'world positive' investing fund

A group of Silicon Valley all-stars, lead by a Twitter co-founder, has come together to form San Francisco-based investment firm Obvious Ventures, which focuses on what it is calling “world positive” companies.

The idea is that not only does it feel good to invest in companies doing good by the planet and the people living here, but also, long term, these companies are profitable, too.

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Corporate volunteering: A rising trend

Gary Martin FAIM is Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of the Australian Institute of Management in Western Australia. Here he speaks about the rising trend among corporates for volunteering programs.

Like music to our ears!

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