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Australia's oldest man likes to knit mini sweaters for injured penguins

Alfred 'Alfie' Date spoke to 9 Stories about how his inability to say 'no' to favours got him into making the miniature animal clothes.  The jerseys were requested from Victoria's Phillip Island Penguin Foundation in 2013, to assist the survival of little penguins after an oil spill. Little penguins are a species of penguin only found in southern Australia and New Zealand, with a lone colony of 32,000 remaining on Phillip Island.

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penguins Image: PINP/AAT Kings/Spotlight/Rex Features

A man is listening to 168 hours of Nickelback for charity

People are willing to do all sorts of humiliating, torturous and even downright dangerous things for a good cause. Take podcaster Jesse Carey. On Monday, Carey, from Relevant magazine’s podcast, began a self-imposed “ultimate test of endurance” when he started listening to the entire Nickelback catalog, on repeat, for the entire week — amounting to a total of 168 hours.

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Horrible bosses — and how to deal with yours

Bad bosses and workplace bullying cost $US360 billion ($464bn) in lost productivity annually, US psychologist Michelle McQuaid has estimated. And poorly managed work groups are 50 per cent less productive than well-managed staff, a US Gallup poll has found.

Many conflicts arise because people are unaware of how they behave and the effect it has on ­others. While managers may have training in how to deal with people, most employees do not. It takes all sorts to populate a business. Workplaces are crammed with blunt people, confrontational people, passive-aggressive people and snide people.

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Technology start-ups don’t hold all the answers for ‘broken’ nonprofits

I would be the first to say the nonprofit sector should be more effective—and I say it all the time. I feel the same way about business and government. I also think there is much to be learned across sectoral lines, in both directions. But what aren’t helpful are sweeping pronouncements rooted in a lack of understanding of the diversity and achievements of nonprofits.

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6 Graphics to tell you more about the philanthropy 50

America’s biggest donors gave $9.8-billion to nonprofits in 2014, with young tech donors taking the lead. Find out which causes and institutions fared best, where the donors live and where they gave, and how giving differed between people who made their fortunes in technology versus finance.

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Reddit says it will donate more than $800,000 to charity from its ad revenue

Reddit says it will donate more than $827,000 of its ad revenue to 10 charities of reddit users’ choice. The online community launched its support of charitable giving in February last year by announcing it will donate 10% of its advertising revenue from 2014 to various charities.

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Billionaire Graham Tuckwell receives ANU Alumni of the Year award for philanthropy

Drive, determination and a good heart make a Tuckwell scholar, says billionaire businessman and former Canberran Graham Tuckwell. But the description of those ANU students who secure one of the scholarships funded by Mr Tuckwell and his wife, Louise, who land in Canberra on Thursday, aptly describes the philanthropist himself.

These qualities led to the former ANU student and international commodities trader being awarded the university's first Alumni of the Year award for philanthropy, after he set up the $50-million scholarship program two years ago.

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Philanthropist and entrepreneur Graham Tuckwell visits his old school, Turner Primary, and meets students Sebastian Conner, Jarrah Palethorpe, Bridget Darby and Jaiha Birkett last year. Photo: Graham Tidy

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