P&Cs, Hand Over Your Admin!

Behind every great school’s Parents & Citizens Committee is a group of far too busy people sorting through far too many emails, excel sheets, finances, ticketing systems and requests for their school community’s events and fundraisers.

Loftus Public School P&C Association has started saying ‘seeyah’ to the P&C administration nightmare by managing their event ticketing, volunteering and fundraising all on the Benojo platform, for free! After using Benojo for all their events this year, their P&C Vice President tells us how it has been an invaluable tool for ‘building and customising events, and running detailed reports as we need them’.

‘We have used Benojo for all different events, some requiring volunteers only, some ticketed and some with both. We have found the system to be easy and intuitive to use and all events have been easy to set-up and administrate’.

Caroline Dean, Loftus Public School P&C Vice President

The countless systems P&Cs need to manage ticketing, volunteer schedules and fundraising is wearisome. And typically, these can only be tracked by the one (very busy) person, meaning there is a constant influx of emails asking “how many tickets are left?”, “which time slots can I volunteer?”, “What is this event, again?” Messy, messy, messy.

Rather than endure this logistical nightmare, Benojo’s platform integrates all systems into one. On the one site, anybody can buy tickets, select volunteering times, and donate money to your cause. It’s clear, free and easy to use, and can cut administrative time in half. 

So how does it work?


On your Benojo Profile, viewers have the option to purchase a ticket to your event, along with an optional donation. Caroline remarks how Benojo’s ‘integration with the payment gateway and the option for buyers to pass on transaction fees has been great for increasing our fundraising totals, as it has the ability for ticket buyers to also make one-off donations’.

What is also great is that everybody can see just how many tickets have been sold, and how many are left.



It is easy for P&C Committees to set-up fundraising targets which users can donate to through Benojo. The progress in meeting these targets is displayed on your Benojo profile, so you can see just how far you’ve come. We also process the tax deductions for those schools or fundraisers with DGR status.


Users can easily see just which time slots for which events need volunteers. Once they’ve nominated their chosen time, this will log onto the system and show future users the updated vacancies. No more nasty Excel scheduling or to-and-fro emailing.

Loftus P&C have appreciated ‘being able to contact either all or individual volunteers with information, and also to send a thank you message after the event. The option to send calendar invites to volunteers has helped keep people accountable to their commitment’.

Like to say ‘seeyah’ to the P&C administration nightmare too?

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