A Focus on Philanthropy

In just 8 years, over three quarters of the workforce will be millennials. This group is hard wired to search for jobs with meaning, not just any job. Different from previous generations, these young adults are more inclined towards social justice than their working counterparts; “giving back” and being “civically engaged” are high priorities.

There’s just one problem: Giving back seems hard. It seems like a lot of work, time, and money.

“Corporate Social Responsibility” and “Philanthropy” can be rather intimidating ideas. It is difficult to see the power of our person and easy to assume that those individuals and organisations with money and time will take care of it for all of us. For most, I think it is fair to say that “giving back” is something we recognize we should do, not something we include in our everyday lives.

True success comes when everyone focuses on the bigger picture, and here, the bigger picture isn’t just about doing your job — it’s about trying to change the world for the better.
— Shaun Walker of HEROfarm

There are a number of challenges in giving back, both perceived and real, that can deter us from even exploring the options and causes out there. However, with an increasingly philanthropic minded workforce, if we make it easy to give, people will give.

It’s the idea of synergy – the notion that a whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

The challenge today is in attempting to collectivize the power of individuals to make a difference. With so many different areas of interest and views on what actually constitutes philanthropy, how do we prove that synergy can be used to benefit the triple bottom line?

The traditional definition of philanthropy is love of humankind in the form of time, talent, and treasure, but Case Foundation suggests that maybe there is more to it nowadays. If individuals do not have these things to give, their use of both voice and network to champion a cause is still philanthropy – it still counts.

The workforce of today has an enormous amount of impact potential. It is not just people, but also businesses and organisations, that need support and motivation to give back. Imagine if we concentrated the reach and charitable force that businesses are capable of on philanthropy.

By integrating charity and generosity into daily activities, we can do so much good. Philanthropy and Corporate Social Responsibility don’t have to be intimidating anymore. Businesses can employ practices that incentivize both employees and others to use their time, talent, treasure, voice, and network in ways that give back.

Where do you start? That’s easy. Consider how these aspects of philanthropic giving align with personal beliefs. What cause do you want to give back to? What does your company stand for? Who do you know that is in need? Where are your talents applicable? 

If you’re still a bit lost, check out the Benojo platform. It’s filled with great causes and many different opportunities to give back. No matter how you go about it, know that this is important and know that this is the future. 

Are you part of a company that excels in the areas of philanthropic giving and social responsibility? Want to know how to get more involved? Have a cause that could use some extra support? Comment below!