A big thanks from us!

We were very excited to introduce Benojo at our first roundtable sessions, held on November 13, to our two key markets – the corporate and charity sectors. Benojo roundtable sessions

Exploring the theme ‘Beyond donations’, some of the best in each industry attended and shared their opinions, experiences and aspirations on corporate social responsibility, for both now and in the future.

We were thrilled to introduce Benojo and was very happy with how well received it was (see smiling faces at the corporate roundtable in the pic below). The key take-outs and insights of each session have been compiled into e-books for your reference,


Corporate session - Beyond Donation

Charity session – Beyond Donation

Thanks so much for your time. Please let us know if you have any thoughts, feedback or would just like to stay in touch.

We’ve got more roundtable sessions planned, so let us know if you’d like to get involved. We’d love to hear from you!