Introducing Benojo

Hi there. We’re Benojo.

We’re kind of new to the market, but we’ve got some huge plans. Not to be immodest, but we believe that Benojo can truly change the face of giving – globally.

See, we have a deep dislike for what Benojo founder Martyn Ryan (he’s great, read his story to learn more) calls “goodwill waste”.

What’s that?

We know that businesses and their employees have a desire to give to the charity sector. But when this isn’t effectively or efficiently used to its fullest potential, we classify it as “goodwill waste”.

How will we fix that?

Much work, planning, research and passion has gone into creating what we think is the solution – Benojo.

Benojo is an online platform for businesses and their employees to connect with charities and collaborate on amazingly worthwhile projects.

How’s it work?

On Benojo, businesses and their employees can create profiles where they can offer any wares they have to give – this could be time, skill, money, knowledge or anything else. And, appreciating the reasons people and businesses give are varied, you can choose, through your profile, who you would like to give to, how, why and what outcomes you would like to see.

Charities are also able to create profiles, in which they outline who they are and what they do, along with any events, campaigns, volunteer positions, projects or anything else they are seeking assistance with.

Charities, businesses and their employees can all browse profiles that have been identified as being aligned to their own – or Benojo can help match you to them.

The technology behind Benojo allows all parties involved to connect, collaborate, transact, report and share the outcomes of their work together – all in the one place. Plus, if you choose, there’s a suite of support services to ensure that Benojo is properly implemented and utilised to its full potential.

It’s a win, win for businesses, their employees and charities, because it makes giving more individual and meaningful, along with being cost effective and easier to manage, implement, measure and share.

For the love of good

We think Benojo will become the third space in online profiling. While Facebook is a platform for the personal and LinkedIn for the professional, Benojo will be for the altruistic. The one we think matters the most. Do you?