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Benojo is a keen supporter of happenings within the community impact, charity and social impact space. Whether an informal breakfast seminar, local unconference or international symposium, we recognise the value of human-to-human connections, information exchange, ideas and collaboration.

The Humanity in Business Global Purposeful Leadership Summit 20-22 September 2017

The Humanity in Business Global Purposeful Leadership Summit

20-22 September 2017

"Business can be a force of good in the world"

The HiB Business Global Purposeful Leadership Summit is the first event of its kind in Australia. Held over two full days, with additional workshops on the third day, it's a coming together of the greatest minds and respected speakers.

For a business to be truly sustainable, there needs to be greater focus on creating deeper engagement with its employees and stakeholders. However, we cannot create truly sustainable businesses unless we have highly engaged employees and a culture that cares.  The lack of employee engagement in most organisations is good indicator that employees are seeking more meaning in the workplace. Purpose is the ‘holy grail’ of employee engagement.

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The Funding Network builds the capacity of innovative grassroots non-profits by staging live-crowdfunding events that democratise giving and facilitate greater community engagement.


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