Who we work with

Introducing some of our partners, friends & collaborators


We’re a delivery partner for the Bambuddha Group, who offer a network approach to sustainable leadership. They have a team of coaches and delivery partners who are experienced in conscious leadership, business strategy, marketing, partnerships, culture, customer engagement and environmental sustainability. Benojo offers their members a unified way of facilitating and capturing the good stuff that they do.

Benojo is a proud supporter of Humanity in Business - The leadership movement that creates purposeful businesses.  

The Funding Network builds the capacity of innovative grassroots non-profits by staging live-crowdfunding events that democratise giving and facilitate greater community engagement.

Benojo is a Gold Member of Social Change Central - Australia’s first dedicated online hub for social enterprises. SCC connects, encourages and supports social enterprises and aspiring entrepreneurs through an easy-to-use, comprehensive self-service database which collates the most up-to-date opportunities available in Australia and internationally.

Benojo also works with leading organisations across all industries and sectors - here's a sample:

If you'd like to become part of the Benojo family, we'd love to hear from you!


Benojo is a keen supporter of happenings within the community impact, charity and social impact space.

Whether an informal breakfast seminar, local unconference or international symposium, we recognise the value of human-to-human connections, information exchange, ideas and collaboration.

If you have an event we should know about, please let us know via the button below: