The Benojo Team

Like any successful company, our greatest asset is our people

  MARTYN RYAN    Founder, Executive Director & Chairman    

Martyn Ryan

Founder, Executive Director & Chairman


There aren’t many people like Martyn. That’s probably a good thing as the world can only accommodate so many humans with such drive and tenacity.

He’s applied his focus as management consultant to global companies across many sectors including Nestle, Hallmark, Johnson & Johnson and GlaxoSmithKline, spent 10 years riding a motorcycle around the world between NGO projects, is a proven innovator and business builder, and is now committed to Benojo - to mobilise the good in us all and change how we think about philanthropy as a race.

  Bryson Vaughan

Bryson Vaughan       

Founder & Futurologist             

With 20 years experience as a director in the charity sector and as a leading architect developing solutions for organisations such as Cashcard and First Data, Bryson is committed to making heroes of those that give to others.

Although his lofty stature means he's terrible at hide and seek, Bryson makes up for it with his software design, corporate strategy, product development, governance and e-commerce skills. He is also a Director of Cystic Fibrosis NSW and Alport’s Syndrome Australia.

His passion for developing software solutions and understanding of the charity space has helped Benojo craft a truly unique collaboration platform. 

  Lise Angus

Lise Angus          

Charity Connector                    

Lise brings extensive experience in relationship management gained with Mission Australia, Life Without Barriers, Stella Travel and Hilton International.

Bringing a balance of commercial acumen and listening-based intuition, Lise creates more compelling outcomes through effective business development and cross-sector relationship building.

A qualified coach and experienced people leader, she finds ways to improve impact and efficiency in the ‘for purpose’ sector through greater partnerships, stronger relationships and collaboration.

  Cam Swords

Cam Swords          

Tech Overlord                       

Cam honed his technical wizardry for almost ten years at one of the world's most respected software agencies. He guides the development team, pioneering agile methodologies and data-driven experimentation - continuously improving our technology platform.

He claims his greatest achievement is finishing Golden Eye 007 Facility in under 2 minutes 5 seconds, granting him invincibility. We don’t tell him that this super power only applies on the Nintendo 64 because we like the supreme confidence it gives him in real life.


Anne Massey          

Master Connector                     

Anne has extensive experience in hospitality, platform technology and corporate social responsibility. In her senior management roles in organisations such as Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide and Communispace Corporation, she gained deep knowledge in business development, brand and loyalty marketing, mergers & acquisitions, product innovation, strategic alliances and building corporate culture.

Outside of Benojo, Anne is an Independent Chairman for one of The CEO Institute Syndicate groups and is also an advocate, volunteer and Board member for the Can Too Foundation – transforming lives through improving health and wellbeing in the community and supporting the research, prevention, care and control of cancer. 

Anne has lived and worked in the UK, the USA and Australia and is proud to call Sydney home. Her family, as well as competing in triathlons and writing poetry, are her relaxation and love.


Dawn Hillier-Davis          

Master Conductor                      

With 19 years spent coordinating photojournalists around the world, and later corporate culture change programs, Dawn looks after everyone on Benojo. She’s committed to bringing people together to make giving easier for everyone. Her attention to detail verges on the inhuman, nothing seems to phase her, and her smile makes working at Benojo that much more rewarding.

When she’s not getting shit done at work she’s training for an Ironman race and conquering her fear of the ocean, inspired by her lioness within.


Yun-Hsian Wu          

Software Developer                    

Yun is a software developer with over ten years of experience. Before joining Benojo, Yun was a research and development team leader, delivering a hugely complex shipyard terminal operating system, requiring real-time performance and continuous non stop operation.

Passionate about the creativity and flexibility of software and the endless possibilities is brings, Yun-Hsian now focuses on building a world-class platform that connects people, organisation and charities.

Chris B&W.JPG

Chris Maxwell          

Software Developer                   

Over a year with Sydney's premier software agency prepared him well for his role at Benojo, where he helps thousands of people change the world, one line of code at a time.

After he's finished verbally encouraging his computer to obey his commands he'll be in bars avoiding talent scouts who want him to appear half naked on TV once again.


Aidan Beanland          

Marketing Bloke                   

Aidan has been a pioneer in the online marketing and digital space since 1997 – before Google and when the internet was in black and white.

Aidan is a specialist in driving value, not just traffic, to a business through education, experimentation and scientific analysis. He is a regular speaker at leading industry conferences and events.

During his career he helped set up the US operation of a global marketing agency, advised some of the biggest companies (such as Walmart, eBay and Dell) and led others through complex, high-risk changes. He was global head of SEO for Yahoo, ran his own digital consultancy and now helps Benojo spread its message through a series of 0s and 1s.

Advisory Board


Harvey Sanchez          


Harvey is a driven, results-oriented leader with an extensive background in global sales/marketing, business development, and program management within diverse industries, specifically technology and telecommunications. He is currently Managing Director for Australia and New Zealand at AVADO, moving there after heading up marketing at eBay Australia and spending two years as CEO of ClickView.


Susan Redden-Makatoa          

Public Relations Specialist                   

A seasoned communications professional with 20 years expertise in Australian and International markets, Susan is committed to creating and implementing strategies, aligned with business goals, that cut through the clutter. 

She has a wealth of experience working in the government, NGO, and corporate sectors. She Group Managing Director at Ogilvy and has previously held executive positions at SHJ Senate, FCR, ASIC, NSW Chamber of Commerce and the British Consulate. 


Iain McGuire          

Governance, Risk and Corporate Strategy                 

As a partner of PricewaterhouseCoopers Iain has assisted many top 100 ASX organisations with integration of complex projects, contract governance & commercial management, cost reduction, global shared services centre implementation and optimisation, data analytics, customer focused strategies, and organisational governance reviews. 

In addition he has a deep industry background in technology leadership, risk and systems integration. 


Margaret Antunes          


As founder and principal of Antunes lawyers, Margaret leads one of Sydney’s most reputable law firms. Her experience is both in Australian and International law with her expertise spanning a diverse range of disciplines including; corporate structuring, technology application and intellectual property.

Margaret is an advocate for social justice and is passionate about collaboration with the not for profit sector to bring about social change.