What we do

We are a social philanthropy organisation providing technology and guidance to help any organisation or individual easily connect and contribute to the charitable causes they care about.

Whether volunteering, donations or by attending fundraising events, every act of generosity is recorded and recognised within the Benojo platform.

The platform acts as a transactional marketplace where offers and needs of value are matched, allowing positive collaboration between the business, government, education and charitable sectors.

What we stand for

Benojo is a for purpose company - everything we do focuses on delivering more capacity to the charity sector. We are also a for-profit organisation, but our revenue is reinvested to increase the good stuff we, our clients, our partners and all Benojo users give back to society and the environment.

We do not charge charities to use our platform, nor do we take a cent of any ticket sales, payroll giving transactions or credit card donations.


In May 2017, Benojo was awarded the Excellence in Social Enterprise Regional Business Award. This is a new awards category, heralding a shift in the way Australian companies value investment in social and environmental programs, and we're honoured to be the inaugural winner. We wrote a blog post about what this means, not just for us, but for the sector at a whole.

Australian & Global

The Benojo marketplace is designed and built in Australia by our in-house team of engineers. It's a continuously evolving cloud-based SaaS system that works securely across all modern connected devices - no downloads required and no plugins or apps to install. Your data is secured and encrypted, and you have complete control over your users and what's visible internally or externally.

Where does the name come from?

Although it's been said that we benefit your mojo, the name actually comes from the Latin root of the word for good: "ben", and a Mexican Spanish word for a spring or well: "ojo" - a wellspring of good.